22 January 2009

Sparks Zine!

Hey dudes, look what I found at my second home, aka the Variety coffee shop on Graham, a zine all about Sparks! It was created by the Birdsong micropress. It includes lots of love letters to the bright orange malt beverage and an interesting poem. Click Photos for detailed images.I did a quick search of the term 'Sparks' on my friend's flickr pages and I put together this little memorial collage.Left to Right: Melanie; Ben, Bertie, Eli and Tim; Miguel aka kid606, Maria aka oonceoonce, Me; Anshuman, me; Jesse; Matthew Davis aka EmDee and Xavier.


melaniebee said...

It's a good thing Jesse special ordered those 75 Sparks from his corner market. I'm bummed that I'm going to have to drink gay-ass Red Bull and Vodkas from now on.

ps love those shades, Jesse!

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

sparks was born in 2002. those zine makers should've done their research!

doug said...


there's your solution right there.

justbrad said...

rip sparks.. you brought so many memories to me and my underage friends for the last two years.. and you especially made my new york visits special, making me able to stay awake on the train from brooklyn to spanish harlem @ 5am.. miss you