30 January 2009

Dizzy Atmosphere

I came across the work of photographer Dave Glass who goes by the name Dizzy Atmosphere during my Flickr searches for images of the Excelsior and Oakland. He has an amazing collection of photos shot in diverse locations but of course given my penchant for hometown nostalgia I chose to focus on the images shot in San Francisco and Oakland.
Teen Party Scene, San Franciscomy sister's birthday party, Sunset dist. San Francisco. 1961
Mission District Flats378 Capp Street, Mission District, San Francisco
"I then lived in the cottage behind these flats, woman on top floor was the landlady." 1970Jesse Jackson, San FranciscoRev. Jesse Jackson speaks to African-American community leaders at the Third Baptist Church, McAllister and Pierce, Western Addition district, San Francisco, during his run for president. May 17 1988.
Hare Krishna, San Francisco Annual Hare Krishna gathering, Golden Gate Park San Francisco, California, 1977
Chinatown, San Francisco
Students of Central Chinese High School founded 1888, Chinatown San Francisco, 1969
People's Temple, San Francisco
This was the headquarters of Rev. Jim Jones' People's Temple,The Rev. Jones and his flock eventually left this building, located at 1859 Geary Boulevard for the South American jungles of Jonestown, Guyana,1979
Oakland, California
Sidewalk sale, West Oakland, California, 1977
Row Housing, Oakland California
Center Street, West Oakland
Football wives, Oakland California
Tailgate party before Raiders - Miami NFL football game, Nov. 2, 1980.Oakland Coliseum, Oakland California
West Oakland

Wood Street, west Oakland, California, 1981
Earthquake Damages Highway 880
Oakland, California, October 1989
Street scene Larkin St. San FranciscoLarkin and Hyde Streets,Civic Center, San Francisco, 1992

I wrote him to ask for permission to use his photographs and he wrote me a nice little note about his background:
"Our family emigrated from Poland in the 1940s, I was the first of our family born in San Francisco where I now live.
Growing up the the Kodak Brownie era, I always loved photography. Eventually I studied photography at City College San Francisco and earned an AA degree in photojournalism in 1971. I was a member to the National Press Association and worked freelance for a while, but ended up working blue collar jobs to support my family. Photography then became a hobby, and still is today. I have an archive of a few thousand black white film images from the late 1960s until today that I am slowly scanning and posting online.
My photographs are mostly documentary in nature, to compliment my interest in California history. My goal is to document San Francisco, California, and the Western US in photographs for future generations."
It's weird how in the post digital age I find myself longing for photos of the banal things from my childhood or the recent past of where I grew up. I scan odd or unflattering old photos for background details like architecture, signage and packaging design of bi-gone eras. Save your digital images! Scan your old pics! There are hidden treasures.

ps. I am working on a series of pictures from Clubs of the not so distant past. Get ready for cringe-worthy pics from Club ID and Club Dare and Neon. Unfortunately Popscene, Fake and Sixxxteen were all from the pre-digital era or we could really have some fun.


fanties said...

"Unfortunately Popscene, Fake and Sixxxteen were all from the pre-digital era or we could really have some fun."


I love these pics. I think someone is homesick...

Patty Spyrakos said...

no shit. Jeez lady, move back already!

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