03 January 2009

Photoshop skillz+ My Friends= MyLifeRulez

I've been meaning to do a roundup of examples of images of my friends that have been photoshopped into hilarity. Here are some of my faves, click images for larger versions.
Michael Silverberg with the head of his catvia If You Can Dream It. You Can Do It.
Melanie gazing fondly at Brooke
I think Nako made this as a flyer for some night she and Melanie did called Nako Mel Grande.Matt Bonar avec JFK
Cinco de hai-o Invite from 2006 by Sarah Grant note the presence of Brian Peppers, fake Sam, Matthew Bice, Jesse Johansen, and Ann Yu.
Some other insanity by Sarah created for some Scrabble Tournament featuring Matthew Bice, Tom Wisdom, Jeremiah aka Knewman, Hai, Sammich, Kelli Townley and Aaron Ottinger.I can't even begin to describe the nonsense that goes on at rocky luten dot comz!
And who could forget the amazing flyer made by Patty for my send off to New York. Note Melanie as Karen O, Matt Roberts as Julian Casablancas, Matt Stromberg as Nick Zinner, as well as David Brooks and Matthew Bice as various Interpols.

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patty said...

who could forget! :)