23 February 2010

Re: Sound The Three Records from Sun Ra Show

Thank me later.

Three Records from Sundown
Charles Maynes - Producer, FNR

In Three Records from Sundown, Charles Maynes talks with Nick Drake’s producer Joe Boyd, who shares his fascination and frustration with the enigmatic musician.

The Other Worlds of Sun Ra
Brent Clough and John Jacobs - Producers, Night Air, ABC
The name Sun Ra is synonymous with far out philosophies, experimental music, great talent, and cosmic costumes.

Annabella Sciorra

Most days I just wake up wishing I was Annabella Sciorra. She totally pulls off Italian homegirl thing,
the Jungle Fever thing (1991)
the big hair thing (Mr.Wonderful, 1993),
the suburban mom 'when push comes to shove you can't even breath' actually 'I kill you' thing' (Hand that Rocks the Cradle, 1992),
the Noah Baumbach movie thing (Mr Jealousy 1997),
the Law and Order: Criminal Intent 'I demand respect' thing,

the sexy after 30 thing,

the Tony Soprano gangster Moll thing
and whatever this is.

17 February 2010

Rodarte Fall 2010: Si se puede?

So according to Cathy Horyn of the Times "A trip to a Texas border town, seeing factory employees walk to work half asleep, gave Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte the concept of a young woman dressing herself in the dark, using short and long lengths of fabric, washed-out florals and highly textured knits that also looked haphazard."
Photo via nymag
Wow how political. Are they going for this a sorta United Farm Workers Huelga vibe?

Combined with a little Mexican Revolution Soldadera chic...I think I can get with this.

16 February 2010

So I guess velvet is happening...

Erin Featherston Fall 2010 via Style.com
Rachel Roy Fall 2010 via Style.com

Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 via style.com
suno via 2 or 3 things
I love the polka-dot shirt.
Alexa Chung for Madewell via refinery29
Then there was my look for NYE 2010: vintage crushed velvet dress from Painted Bird, vintage capezio t-straps, silver for me, gold for Madz. (make new friends, but keep the old)
Photo by Manjari

12 February 2010

Dreaming of You : Selena Forever

The magazine I work for *ahem* is doing a big retrospective on Selena for the April issue. I hadn't thought much about her for years but I kinda got inspired by her 90s awesomeness.

I wore a bodycon dress to Carlen's Birthday and my friend Ellen exclaimed "Is that Leti, or is that Selena?" Best day ever obvs.

Years ago I thought about her a lot because I had studied Latin American Studies and Women's Studies and was a fan of Lourdes Portillo's film Corpus: A Home Movie About Selena, my favorite part was the roundtable of famous Chicana Feminists bitching each other out about her legacy and whether she was a hack (Sandra Cisneros I'm looking at you). In 2001 I worked with first grade girls who loves Selena even though they had been born after her death, and the school library carried several books about her life for young readers.
Erin Fant is that you?

yes Chanel, why not

little Stevie Nicks influence never hurt nobody
Sadface tribute statue in Corpus Christi.

Okay tell me you don't want to lock yourself in your room and listen to this and think about your crush:

And then dance in your underwear to this