05 March 2010

color craze

I've been majorly obsessed with Swank Dollar lately. It's some sort of fashion line or art project or band or cultural happening or something I haven't quite figured out. Whatever it is it seems to be what happens when creative types convene in Minneapolis.

Sorta a Coogi meets Fair Isle situation? Coogi images via ebay

I majorly failed by not bidding on this vintage Gap sweater from Vantage Point Vintage (winning bid $9.99!)

Balenciaga Fall 2010 via Style.com

Manish Arora Fall 2010 via style.com

01 March 2010

Xanax: Tara Sinn/Broken Self: Rafaël Rozendaal

I've had an internet crush on Tara Sinn, since well, zine days. I stopped by the Spencer Brownstone Gallery on Saturday to see her installation Xanax. The web animation was projected on a wall and mylar balloons that spelled out Xanax were suspended in the air.

In the other room Rafaël Rozendaal's Broken Self gave Madeline and me a chance to vent our aggressions
by throwing bottles against the wall.

Since we also assisted in emptying a lot of those bottles this was very fun. We capped it off with a romantic walk home over the Williamsburg Bridge.