29 September 2008

Spotted: My Phone and Sunglasses

Nobody seems to have noticed the exciting modeling debut of my blackberry, sunglasses and ipod in last week's New York Magazine. They haven't been recognized on the street yet but maybe people are too shy to say hi.
UPDATE: My purse was stolen Saturday at Lit the Blackberry is gone and I'm back to my razr.

26 September 2008

22 September 2008

Life as I live it

A brief roundup of things I never thought I'd experience that occurred in the last week.

Being asked to take notes on $200 whiskey at the restaurant (Sparks) where the Gamibno Crime Family was gunned down.
Having Mario Battali make me dinner.
A teepee inside Urban Outfitters.
Love Letters $120zingerz!Clear glitter crocs with light-up soles. Making glitter play dough on-post at our nations most prestigious military academy.(It's important to add dragon eggs.)
Oh yeah, Pochahontas was there, no big. And a chubby kitty.

18 September 2008

Brooklyn is Burning

Brooklyn is Burning was this crazybananastown art happening at Glasslands curated by my dear friends Sarvia Jasso and Andres Bedoya back in March. I didn't get a chance to write about it back then but I just got my hand on this video of the event and it jogged my memory. It was totally one of those nights where you aren't feeling like going out at all but you want to support your friends, so you drag yourself there. I brought Rebecca Turbow with me and within minutes we were both in the best mood ever. I've been to my share of art "experiences" but Brooklyn is Burning really captured that certain "WHAT THE FUCK!" element of creative expression without feeling pretentious or self important, or even ironic.
Rebecca , Me and Erin Scanlon IMG_3112.JPG
Intestine face here asked me what this photo was for because she doesn't like showing up on random blogs. Whooops!
The performance by Super A Lot blew my mind.
Not Sure what body-builder lady was about but I was feeling it. IMG_3128.JPG
This guy chanted stuff like "Positive Actions, Positive Thoughts" while getting naked and patting himself down with an accompanying powerpoint presentation. Then he had a band that played.
The the rest of the photos
I hope they do another one soon.

15 September 2008

Safe: The Party

Turbow's SS09 Presentation was a rousing success.

I wore a piece from the previous collection, I felt like a full blown sub-lebrity. I wish I had gotten a photo of the crazy silver shoes I got on ebay, they are cuckoo-bananas.
Carlen of Jewish Rosaries and Peggy Wang East were featured in a video showcasing the collection. SPOILER ALERT: there is side-boobage and panty-shots.

Papabubble created custom candies, and baby Elliot even made an appearance.
All photos by Mark Hunter aka The Cobrasnake. See the rest here.
Still thinking about the side-boobage? Here is the video:

12 September 2008

Spotted: Those Chloe Boots

I.R.L. I've never felt starstruck by shoes before. It's like they are famous in their own right.
At the MINI roof top party for a book about Veruschka. Check out the whole outfit.
p.s. I have no idea who this woman is and as far as I know she doesn't know I snapped these.
Erin Wasson's on the The Selby.

Low boots inspirées par le modèle Susan de Chloé from Garance Doré

Available from Browns Fashion

05 September 2008

Liz Mc Clean SS09

Just got back from the liz mcclean show. It was pretty. I snapped a few pix.

Waldo was there, not really sure why. I guess he is turning 21.
My head almost exploded by how many people had peace sign tattoos. Then I realized they were part of the show. I got a set of temporary tattoos in my gift bag they were designed by the Swedish Artist Fanny Bostrom.

04 September 2008

Pop Manifesto Issue 05

The new issue of Pop Manifesto has hit the interwaves. There is a piece on Mat Cerletty by Roman Espejo, some super cute fashion and music stories and a little something I wrote about Superfuture.
Here is a little preview.

Ben Cho SS09 Invite

Very cute Ben. Does anyone know who made this?

01 September 2008

Claire Incorruptible

So I've pretty much given up on ebay stores in general especially ones with hot models and well designed sites because the prices get way too high and the clothes are often over styled and not accurately portrayed. That said, I was impressed by Claire Incorruptible when I stumbled upon it while searching for vintage Chanel.
Karl Lagerfeld Earrings
Avant Garde Swing Jacket

Reversible Chanel Belt
The store is based in Australia so prepare for some serious shipping charges.