30 August 2008

Obama Ladies in Jewel Tones


Call me crazy but these outfits reminded me of this Alberta Ferretti ad.
This is what happens when the Democratic Convention and Fashion Week are rubbing elbows in my mind.

24 August 2008

My Manatee

I spotted the wooden manatee scupture at Ugly Luggage a while back but at $41 dollars I couldn't quite justify the expense. I went in there today with Keren and was talking about how much I needed the little guy and the shop clerk made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
Doesn't he look so rad with all those color-coded film theory books. Also he is chillin' on a piece of driftwood.
Michael was ecstatic, Keren doesn't quite get it. She called it "the most unnecessary thing ever". I think I proved her wrong if only for the fact that it reminded me of this segment from Dr.Katz.

Dedicated to Leor Jakubowicz and Lindsey Slotnick

18 August 2008

Unearthen=My Life Rulez

I have been coveting Unearthen necklaces since I first laid eyes on them. The lovely Gia Bahm makes them from bullet casings and a variety of magical crystals. Michael and my parents teamed up to get me for my birthday. It's Amethyst and has all kinds of magical properties that are going to fix any and everything that is wrong with me and give me supernatural powers.

15 August 2008

Post Adolescents

Elizabeth Spiridakis' story on Tween Bloggers for T Magazine is online today.
As Keren would say "I made a little tear." And to think I used to feel bad for the youth because they grew up with out Sassy.


07 August 2008

I Heart Korto

I love Korto. She's the best. Her necklaces alone make her the most amazing person on this season's ProjRun.
Also did you see that photo of her as a child with her family in Liberia and they all have ice cream cones! OMG I may have to pause the DVR and take a snapshot. Best photo ever. I's sure the ProjRun producers were like "Do you have a photo where you look, you know, more um African?" and they were hoping she had something where she is like in a hut looking all miserable and third world, and Korto was like um actually.... Bamn here is my whole family eating ice cream cones and we are awesome. Also let me raise awareness about genocide, mass rape and female genital mutilation right quick.
Here is her line Korto Momolu.
Oh and can we discuss Psuedo-Turbs?
Also I was sad to see the other mousy white girl go her outfit was tres banana republic but still I've seen worse.

03 August 2008

Valentine For A Perfect Stranger

Thank you Keren.

Dedicated to the Hive Mind of San Francisco.

01 August 2008

Style Rookie

Okay I am officially crushed out on little Tavi of Style Rookie. I've always had a soft spot for anyone (Abagail Breslin) who I feel embodies the essence of girlhood in all its awkward, silly, fun times and creative glory.
Splatter painting an old tutu, then jumping around and taking pics with your friend. Yes please! Sounds like my dream crafternoon.
Once upon a time when I was young and idealistic I even worked for a nonprofit called Girls, Inc. We were all about teaching girls to be "Smart, Strong and Bold" and doing fun activities and I would have them read a book about Frida Kahlo and then do a self portrait, or a book about Carmen Miranda and make a tutti fruiti hat. Some day I will dig up some photos.