07 August 2008

I Heart Korto

I love Korto. She's the best. Her necklaces alone make her the most amazing person on this season's ProjRun.
Also did you see that photo of her as a child with her family in Liberia and they all have ice cream cones! OMG I may have to pause the DVR and take a snapshot. Best photo ever. I's sure the ProjRun producers were like "Do you have a photo where you look, you know, more um African?" and they were hoping she had something where she is like in a hut looking all miserable and third world, and Korto was like um actually.... Bamn here is my whole family eating ice cream cones and we are awesome. Also let me raise awareness about genocide, mass rape and female genital mutilation right quick.
Here is her line Korto Momolu.
Oh and can we discuss Psuedo-Turbs?
Also I was sad to see the other mousy white girl go her outfit was tres banana republic but still I've seen worse.


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justbrad said...

hahahah.. your paragraph just made my day.. its awesome that i can access your blog via work, you've literally shaved 3 hours (figuratively) off of my work day.. salut.. oh yeah, and i'm african too, and i lived in nigeria for 4 months and i had no flies on my face nor did i get chased by wild animals my time there.. ;)