24 August 2008

My Manatee

I spotted the wooden manatee scupture at Ugly Luggage a while back but at $41 dollars I couldn't quite justify the expense. I went in there today with Keren and was talking about how much I needed the little guy and the shop clerk made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
Doesn't he look so rad with all those color-coded film theory books. Also he is chillin' on a piece of driftwood.
Michael was ecstatic, Keren doesn't quite get it. She called it "the most unnecessary thing ever". I think I proved her wrong if only for the fact that it reminded me of this segment from Dr.Katz.

Dedicated to Leor Jakubowicz and Lindsey Slotnick


Steve and Stepher said...


We have a manatee mailbox that we adore. We picked him up in Key West and everyone in our land-locked subdivision loves him.

Leti said...

OMG. LOVE. Pix Plz

Lindsey S. said...

I catch myself in Dr. Katz manatee monologue ("but i live in the ocean..") with people and for some strange reason they just don;t get it. I remember with fondness our wonderful obsession with Ben, Laura and the rest of the gang.
BTW, it was on the other day on Comedy Central!

Hope you are well Leti! And I feel quite honored by your dedication.