01 August 2008

Style Rookie

Okay I am officially crushed out on little Tavi of Style Rookie. I've always had a soft spot for anyone (Abagail Breslin) who I feel embodies the essence of girlhood in all its awkward, silly, fun times and creative glory.
Splatter painting an old tutu, then jumping around and taking pics with your friend. Yes please! Sounds like my dream crafternoon.
Once upon a time when I was young and idealistic I even worked for a nonprofit called Girls, Inc. We were all about teaching girls to be "Smart, Strong and Bold" and doing fun activities and I would have them read a book about Frida Kahlo and then do a self portrait, or a book about Carmen Miranda and make a tutti fruiti hat. Some day I will dig up some photos.


keren richter said...

i was just telling turbs about tavi --- so i googled her. and your blog came up. tada! totes love for a tavi. if only i had been so precocious.

elizabeth said...

gals, she is as awesome as it gets. we email! i love it!

my article wiht her in it comes out in 2 weeks, i have been tryin to be quiet about it since APRIL, geez louise.

Leti said...

I know you mentioned something vaguely a while back but the blogs are all atwitter about it so I pieced it together. so awesome.