24 February 2009

rodel la

Rodel Latin America

Must love Slumdogs

Slumdog Millionaire was not really my bag from a critical perspective but come on, I do not have a heart of stone. This shit is fucking cute. I know it's problematic to pluck some kids from the slums of Mumbai take them to Disneyland and then exploit the outing as a way to make lazy guilt-ridden American people feel better about their pathetic lives. BUT. COME. ON."I feel very very very very very very good," said 10-year-old Azharuddin Ismail when he found out he was going to the Oscars.Rubina Ali I know what you're thinking, yes that's right I LIVE FOR HER. Rubina was all giddy smiles. "I'm very happy that I'm going to the Oscars," she said, as her aunt boiled rice for lunch. "I'm the only one of my friends who gets to see the Oscars. My friends are saying, 'Your fate is so good.'" (From AP)Oh and Frieda Pinto is so beautiful that it actually make the ridiculous plot of Slumdog sort of plausible.
Have you seen this video. Watch it over and over again and feel better about the world. 
ps. I am still working on my screenplay for the sequel The Truth and Cats and Slumdogs.

21 February 2009

Minnie Muse

A couple years back my ultimate blog crush Tara Sinn did a post on the cuteness that is Minnie Mouse. I can't find it because she seems to have deleted her old blog, but I compiled a few images of Minnie-inspired cuteness of my own.
Madonna by Herb Ritts
Amy Winehouse as Minnie Mouse

20 February 2009

Monkey About

I can't get enough of the bizarre collection of images on Monkey About.
I have a photo of this two headed chick too, he is at Union Hall in Brooklyn.

18 February 2009

Safe by Rebecca Turbow F/W 2009

Rebecca Turbow's Fall/Winter presentation at the Moeller Snow Gallery was a great success. Hey latest collection, realized in sophisticated greys and black are a testament to Turbow's maturation as a designer and her evolving point of view. Check out a great gallery of photos at Smile Nicky Digital.
Somewhere along the line Rebecca and I have become twins
I am not a photographic talent, this has been established but I can never get over the hottness of Sasha and Jennifer.
Everyone you ever met was there.
Elliot Papabubble!
Peggy Wang East is back from the first leg of her rock star tour with the Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

BFFs: Thomasina and Lily

Did you listen to last week's This American Life Episode: Somewhere Out There? The story about eight year-old transgendered BFFs KILLED ME. I made a tear. Then I called myself a baby for ever complaining about not fitting in or not having friends.

Glenview Griffins

Okay, so sometimes when I am really, really bored I like to search for arbitrary things on Flickr. Sometimes it's "San Francisco 1970s" or "Peace Sign". Yesterday I decided to punch in "Oakland" and "Glenview" (the name of my elementary school). Imagine my surprise when I found these photos from 1989!
Uh, yeah that is me.  Bangs intact. My "best friend" Erika Delacruz is suppling the bunny ears. The girl grabbing me was named Josie.
There is Josie again, check out Erika's acid wash and Reeboks. Tetherball is happening in the background.
There goes Erika with the bunny ears again, as for these booty poses I cannot comment.  This was Oakland in the late 80s. The boy's name was Rashad.
That guy's name was Carl. I cannot believe I remember this stuff.
I still wore one of those Glenview Griffins sweatshirts until recently. 

that girl looks vaguely familiar, that is totally a Oakland Public Schools classroom.

It seems this kid took the photos. I guess his name is Glenn. I don't really recognize him which is weird because I have a great memory.
He seems pretty awesome though. I stole all these images from his Flickr: Black Glenn