29 June 2009

"You're all over living me" Lake Gallery, San Francisco

Okay so timeliness isn't always my strength but I wanted to mention that during my SF trip I went to the opening for a show of work inspired by Dinosaur Jr.
I know ryte???
Mat O'Brien's "Seemed Like the Thing to Do."
Freak Scene Zine by Andrew Scott
The show was curated by Dan Johnson, who probably doesn't know who I am but back in 2003 someone gave me a sticker he made that said "p.s. you're pretty" and I bet I still have it somewhere.

George Chen and Mike Kinney High Five
the gallery is housed in  a plant store
oh btw did you know this guy created me? he did.

"You're all over living me" Art inspired by Dinosaur Jr.
Through July 19.
Lake Gallery, 661 Divisadero St., S.F
Featuring the work of Alissa Anderson, Chris Baird, George Chen, Ryan Coffey, Amy Jo Diaz, Treasure Frey, Matthew Gee, Richard Hart, Rich Jacobs, Gayner Mann, Griffin McPartland, Mat O'Brien, Joe Roberts, Kelley Ryan, Andrew Scott, Sylvia Tan, Mark Whiteley, Bradley Wilson, Dan Wolfe, and Tomo Yasuda.

26 June 2009

Me and Evan Dando

The Lemonheads, Varsity Drag, and The Legends at Bowery Ballroom, New York June 25, 2009Last night (aka the day the music died, aka RIP King of Pop) I did not honor the memory of Michael Jackson. Instead I honored my 90s nostalgia with my favorite alternahunk. Anyone who knows me know that the Lemonheads is a band I fell in love with at 13 and never got over.Lemonheads shows are usually full of dorks and normals and then some alt-power-couples like this one.
The stage was inexplicably adorned with tumbleweeds.
Set list!

 I think this bass player is kind of a babe. Also how adorable is this young guitar player.
At first we thought it was funny that the only person we recognized there was Greg the Misshape.
After the show I ran into Ben Cho who explained to me that the young guitar player is a 19 year old cool kid and that is why there was a contingent of 90s nostalgic cool kids there making me feel old.
like this girl who pretty much out Leti-ed Leti

and this kid with the Mudhoney T-shirt who told me he did not like the show. (the nerve!)

He opened with Down About It, played a bunch of songs with the band and then a bunch solo and then brought the band back out for encores.  

25 June 2009

Golden Poppies

The Golden poppies were in full bloom in San Francisco.  I love them, those fuckers are everywhere, they grow wild, from cracks in the concrete.  California, it really is beautiful. I used to have this awesome light-up fiber optic golden poppy that I got at the California Adventure theme park at Disneyland. It is probably in storage somewhere.Yoshiko Yamamoto, Based on a design by Lucia Kleinhans Mathews. Printed letterpress at The Arts & Crafts Press.

Delphine California Poppy Notebook
I have this awesome poppy print shirt that was a hand-me-down from Linda. (Seen here with my melanie.)

Smashed Pennies from Heaven

Old friends know I have an extensive collection of smashed pennies. Most of them are back in SF in a special display booklet that my college roommate Leor Jakubowicz bought me at Disneyland. I have them from all sorts of California attractions as well as London and other exotic places, brought back by Ami, Lauren and other friends. I am not sure what this 'empathy' one is all about but I believe it was designed by Marian Bantjes. I found it on Inspiration Resource and I am in love with it. This led me to discover Penny Collector.OMG Fairyland!  My favorite Oakland Attraction. I still have my Fairyland Key somewhere.
Haight Street!
Erica Weiner makes a necklace out of this 10 commandments smashed penny.
10 commandments necklace $40

I love when people send me smashed pennies from their travels. If you send me one I will love you forever in my heart and my blog.

Movies in Frames

New blog crush! Movies In Frames One movie - four frames.
Rachel Getting Married, 2008 (dir. Jonathan Demme)
Pierrot le fou, 1959 (dir. Jean-Luc Godard)
The graduate, 1967 (dir. Mike Nichols)
Buffalo 66, 1998 (dir. Vincent Gallo)
Mermaids,1990 (dir. Richard Benjamin)

17 June 2009


Watched Singles for the first time in years the other day. I was looking to submerse myself in warm and melancholy waves of nostalgia as well as determine how the 1992 grunge opus held up to the test of time. If you were 'alternative' in 1992 Singles was the movie. If you were also 14 it was your life. Yes the soundtrack was one of the first CDs I purchased, yes I hung the poster on my wall and more importantly when I started college 4 years later I bonded with my college roommate about the fact that she too had had the same poster on her wall.
Cameron Crowe's script does seem kind of clunky in retrospect, a sort of strung together collection of bon mots and quirky observations. (Be warned they talk to the camera). In contrast to Reality Bites, a movie which many of my peers acknowledge a shifting relationship to, seeing it first as teens, again as contemporaries of the characters and yet again as we approached our late twenties and noticing shamefully the way in which our identification shifts as years pass closer and closer to that of Ben Stiller's yuppie opportunist trying to do right by commodifying youth alienation; the basic premise of Singles that relationships are complicated, that no one has it all figured out rings just as true. (tag line: Love is a game. Easy to start. Hard to finish. ) We are still looking for someone who says "Bless you" when we sneeze, who enjoys the same records, appreciates the earrings we love that everyone else hates, though maybe not a combination of Mel Gibson and Holden Caulfield.
But on to more important things like the fashion and of course Pearl Jam.

I've been obsessed with Citizen Dick T-shirts for years. (And all fiction band T's, check out this buzzfeed trend I wrote a while back) You used to be able to buy these mail order from ads in Rolling Stone and Spin. Now you can get them on ebay.
"I wish it was as simple as this postcard."
I love the BFF character. WE WILL ALWAYS GO DANCING.
boob job?
Eric Stolz as the loudmouth mime: "Let me tell you about love. Love disappears, baby! Every time I've been broke, the babe's been off like a prom dress."A. You have an act
B. Not having an act is your act.Citizen Dick band meeting
This negativity just makes me stronger, we will not retreat, this band is unstoppable!oh eddie: A compliment for us, is a compliment for you. Are my breasts too small for you?
Sometimes.That's a very nice hat you're wearing... and I don't mean that in an Eddie Haskell kind of way.
Betsey Johnson Daisies plus green bow!According to wikipedia much of Matt Dillon's wardrobe was borrowed from Pearl Jam's Jeff AmentBiker jacket, tie-dye and Guatemalan friendship pants. yes! yes! yes!
Jeremy Piven pre-hair plugs. Seriously this guy is in every movie check his imdb.
Paul Giametti cameo