25 June 2009

Smashed Pennies from Heaven

Old friends know I have an extensive collection of smashed pennies. Most of them are back in SF in a special display booklet that my college roommate Leor Jakubowicz bought me at Disneyland. I have them from all sorts of California attractions as well as London and other exotic places, brought back by Ami, Lauren and other friends. I am not sure what this 'empathy' one is all about but I believe it was designed by Marian Bantjes. I found it on Inspiration Resource and I am in love with it. This led me to discover Penny Collector.OMG Fairyland!  My favorite Oakland Attraction. I still have my Fairyland Key somewhere.
Haight Street!
Erica Weiner makes a necklace out of this 10 commandments smashed penny.
10 commandments necklace $40

I love when people send me smashed pennies from their travels. If you send me one I will love you forever in my heart and my blog.


me melodia said...

Ohhhh ohhh. I have a few precious smashed pennies too.
If I find my extra 'south of the border' one I'll send it your way.
It would be pretty cool if you had your own custom penny smasher tho.
I'd look into it.

Steve said...

Yeah, the 'Empathy' penny is indeed designed by Marian Bantjes. It's part of an artist charity project in Toronto. Cool stuff, huh?