10 June 2009

Chelzilla + Eyebrizzle = BFFs

Is it creepy to spend your days looking at the photos of two teenage best friends from Texas? Probably, but the pure of heart are drawn together despite barriers of age and geography.  From what I can gather from my online snooping Erica Joy aka Eyebrizzle and Chelsea Peacock aka  Chelzilla are 19 year-old  San Antonio girls with a passion for photography. They seem to use each other as well as their younger family members as subjects.  Chelsea is really into NIN.
By Eyebrizzle

She was recently featured on Booooooom
By Chelzilla

It's great to be actually impressed and inspired by the way young people are taking advantage of the technology they have available to them, that wasn't around when I was their age.


Rachel said...

ah amazing, i wish i was 17 again.

chelzilla! said...

thanks for puttin us on the blog.
im 18 actually- even though im bigger than erica haha and joy is ericas middle name ;)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

So awesome. I agree with Rachel - to be a teen again!