29 June 2009

"You're all over living me" Lake Gallery, San Francisco

Okay so timeliness isn't always my strength but I wanted to mention that during my SF trip I went to the opening for a show of work inspired by Dinosaur Jr.
I know ryte???
Mat O'Brien's "Seemed Like the Thing to Do."
Freak Scene Zine by Andrew Scott
The show was curated by Dan Johnson, who probably doesn't know who I am but back in 2003 someone gave me a sticker he made that said "p.s. you're pretty" and I bet I still have it somewhere.

George Chen and Mike Kinney High Five
the gallery is housed in  a plant store
oh btw did you know this guy created me? he did.

"You're all over living me" Art inspired by Dinosaur Jr.
Through July 19.
Lake Gallery, 661 Divisadero St., S.F
Featuring the work of Alissa Anderson, Chris Baird, George Chen, Ryan Coffey, Amy Jo Diaz, Treasure Frey, Matthew Gee, Richard Hart, Rich Jacobs, Gayner Mann, Griffin McPartland, Mat O'Brien, Joe Roberts, Kelley Ryan, Andrew Scott, Sylvia Tan, Mark Whiteley, Bradley Wilson, Dan Wolfe, and Tomo Yasuda.


Vanessa said...

Your next screenshot post should be from Gas Food Lodging, J Mascis's most glamorous role!

Leti said...

That's funny I have that movie at home and I was planning on doing just that but I didn't even realize it featured J Mascis. I can't wait.

Vanessa said...

OH man I can't wait. That is my all-time favorite movie.

Aw, my word verification is unartist.