26 June 2009

Me and Evan Dando

The Lemonheads, Varsity Drag, and The Legends at Bowery Ballroom, New York June 25, 2009Last night (aka the day the music died, aka RIP King of Pop) I did not honor the memory of Michael Jackson. Instead I honored my 90s nostalgia with my favorite alternahunk. Anyone who knows me know that the Lemonheads is a band I fell in love with at 13 and never got over.Lemonheads shows are usually full of dorks and normals and then some alt-power-couples like this one.
The stage was inexplicably adorned with tumbleweeds.
Set list!

 I think this bass player is kind of a babe. Also how adorable is this young guitar player.
At first we thought it was funny that the only person we recognized there was Greg the Misshape.
After the show I ran into Ben Cho who explained to me that the young guitar player is a 19 year old cool kid and that is why there was a contingent of 90s nostalgic cool kids there making me feel old.
like this girl who pretty much out Leti-ed Leti

and this kid with the Mudhoney T-shirt who told me he did not like the show. (the nerve!)

He opened with Down About It, played a bunch of songs with the band and then a bunch solo and then brought the band back out for encores.  


thehistoryofmyfuture said...

in that one picture of misshape greg, that looks sorta like this youngin' (even to moi) grear that lived with me one summer-- the guy with the camera.

here are some bonus pics of evan with gibby haynes at matt's studio awhile ago:


justbrad said...

whoa, almost forgot about ur blog cuz i used to have it bookmarked at work. since i am no longer employed i kind of spaced out.. glad that my online meandering led me back here tho! good stuff as always, hope all is well across the interwebs