23 September 2009

Did You Get The Girls Record Yet?

Photo by Sandy Kim
I've had lots of
Girls activity over on the Tumblr but I realized I haven't posted about them here.
We saw them in June at Cakeshop a couple days after Michael Jackson died and they played Heal the World.
you can sorta see me and doug in the background of this one.

this video has a baby eating a popsicle in Dolores Park. Major San Francisco Swoonage.

Sandy Kim has taken some amazing photos of Christopher Owens:

11 September 2009

Blackie's Estate

Spent Labor Day Weekend at Blackie's Estate, the lovely home of Kenyan and Grace Kelsey. (Immortalized on The Selby). James Ryang documented.

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obligatory turkey leg
I have a thing for clotheslines