08 February 2009

I never claimed to have good taste in movies.

Dear Friends,
Ok I admit it, Friday night when you invited me out and I said I was wrapping some stuff up, and would come out later, I was home watching Now and Then. I AM A HUGE DORK. I somehow had never seen it, maybe because, it's not very good or because I associated it with my younger sister Margarita because she used to look just like Christina Ricci and I therefore thought it was for kids. My sudden desire to see it was partly related to this Gaby Hoffman moment I've been having (more on that soon) and Fant and I had been craving a girly friendship cheeseball movie and we both realized we had never seen it. Unfortunately for me, I had no Fant and had to watch it alone but fortunately for you (maybe) that means I was able to take TONS of screen caps. ARE YOU READY. Enjoy.
First there is 'Now' with this aquanet and chintz monstrosity.
Do you love Demi Moore and Melanie Griffiths outfits?and there is 'Then'... the art direction of the bedrooms is particularly greatUm, is this keren's old sty-town apartment?She grows up to be a movie starthis is the chintz monstrosity as a girlHi mom!Christina Ricci/Rosie O'Donnell is not supposed to be a lesbian even though she tapes down her boobs.
Um, Janeanne Garafalo avec Klute haircutGABY! I love her. She looks so much like my baby sister Mariana.My friends never do cool stuff like thisneeded some tarot advicethe wallpaper! the jello!My friend Tony Polacci (now known as Coalmine Spindle) had that same Karmen Ghia in high school with a license plate that said "THX JERRY"Brendan Fraiser makes a cameo as a Vietnam vet hippie.He gives them cigarettes
Hello! little girl smoking.
Mar? Is that you?Hi mom.Flannel-clad garage painting/dance party. My life is not this cool.And the tree house and some seemingly Mooka Kinney type ensemble on Thora Birch.


thehistoryofmyfuture said...

<3 <3 devon sawa

i own this on vhs.

Leti said...

Funny my sister mentioned Devon Sawa too, I had no idea who he was and had to google him.

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

that's because he was a heartthrob for those during MY youth. ;)

fanties said...

This is SO much better than the Alfie remake. Must watch. Why isn't it on Hulu?

Patty Spyrakos said...

"My friends never do anything like this"???
Who am I? Hello??

Leti said...

Oh yeah, you totally do stuff like that. We need to have seance next time I come home.

david john said...

i now think i need to watch this movie.... lol

good for a rainy weekend.

great blog. stumbled upon you this am!

all the best,


E.K. said...

I like your blog, it's fun.