24 February 2009

Must love Slumdogs

Slumdog Millionaire was not really my bag from a critical perspective but come on, I do not have a heart of stone. This shit is fucking cute. I know it's problematic to pluck some kids from the slums of Mumbai take them to Disneyland and then exploit the outing as a way to make lazy guilt-ridden American people feel better about their pathetic lives. BUT. COME. ON."I feel very very very very very very good," said 10-year-old Azharuddin Ismail when he found out he was going to the Oscars.Rubina Ali I know what you're thinking, yes that's right I LIVE FOR HER. Rubina was all giddy smiles. "I'm very happy that I'm going to the Oscars," she said, as her aunt boiled rice for lunch. "I'm the only one of my friends who gets to see the Oscars. My friends are saying, 'Your fate is so good.'" (From AP)Oh and Frieda Pinto is so beautiful that it actually make the ridiculous plot of Slumdog sort of plausible.
Have you seen this video. Watch it over and over again and feel better about the world. 
ps. I am still working on my screenplay for the sequel The Truth and Cats and Slumdogs.

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K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha. That shit is fucking cute :)