07 February 2009

Medicine for Melancholy

My cousin Nikolas Zasimczuk came to town last week just in time to invite me and Vern to the premiere of a little film he did the sound for called Medicine for Melancholy. Turns out its not so little. It even got a hearty nod from A.O. Scott at ye Olde Timey New York Times. I was pleasantly surprised and beaming with familial pride.
It's basically a mumblecore-inspired story about a one night stand with a Black hipster angle and a bunch of San Francisco gentrification politics thrown in for good measure.
Shot by my S.O.T.A classmate James Laxton (so quiet in high school) using an interesting stylistic choice of extremely desaturated colors to make San Francisco look beautiful in its grayness. It was just thing to kick the San Francisco nostalgia I can't seem to get rid of into high gear. There is even a scene where they go to Soul Night at the Knockout and a soundtrack packed with SF bands.But it's Wyatt Cenac of The Daily Show charming and hilarious performance as Micah that really holds the film together. I chatted with him at the party, he is pretty mellow, turns out he lives in my neighborhood. Nice guy.
Oh and by the way... we partied. Family style!
Zasimczuk Cousins! Nik, Leti, VeronikaNik with the filmmaker Barry Jenkins


justbrad said...

i really loved the movie.. caught it on IFC on demand luckily.. but, not as luck as you of course

Leti said...

That is awesome that you saw it!