23 February 2010

Annabella Sciorra

Most days I just wake up wishing I was Annabella Sciorra. She totally pulls off Italian homegirl thing,
the Jungle Fever thing (1991)
the big hair thing (Mr.Wonderful, 1993),
the suburban mom 'when push comes to shove you can't even breath' actually 'I kill you' thing' (Hand that Rocks the Cradle, 1992),
the Noah Baumbach movie thing (Mr Jealousy 1997),
the Law and Order: Criminal Intent 'I demand respect' thing,

the sexy after 30 thing,

the Tony Soprano gangster Moll thing
and whatever this is.


Vanessa said...

I was JUST thinking about Annabella Sciorra, and how great she is, this week.

Vanessa said...

ps. Have you ever seen The Night We Never Met? It's a really cute 90s romantic comedy (with AS), which is one of my favorite minigenres.

Rachel Michelle Fernandes said...

I met her. She's awesome and has totally adorable fraternal twin babies.