05 January 2009


Old friends and ex-Neon dudes Jamie Jamz and EmDee's 90s night Debaser at the Knockout is evidently the most bonkerztown bananas party in SF right now.
These photos are all by that Amelie-lookalike, bic pen bike lock-scam-exposing, constant wrist-breaking, collector nerd Chris Brennan, see the full flickr set here.There was a crowd surfing contest, and the prize was a "Smells Like Teen Spirt" 7 inch.The youth are super into the 90s jams. Melanie pointed out that they are to us what we were to people who grew up in the 80s when we going to clubs like 1984.
I didn't dress the part, sorry! But you know I didn't have to take advantage of the whole free with a flannel things since I was *ahem* ON THE LIST. I am tres VIP in the SFC.
I love Jesse and Joe getting in on the crowd surfing action, see we are still young!Jaan is really feeling it.
Did I mention I am covered in bruises?
Also some jerk took my coat. WTF! j.crew, long, black, xs. PLEASE RETURN. I only didn't freeze thanks to the chivalry of Colin Koopman. I need it back, its cold in NYC dudes.
UPDATE: my coat was returned thanks to a really nice girl who saw my ad on craigslist. Yay! the internetz are awesome.


p no p said...

1. i was taking my coat off to give to you and only then was chivalry had.
2. who's name was on the guest list? :P

Leti said...

Ha, ha I know I used some creative revisionism. My name was on the list in SPIRIT, if not in PRINT.

Manjari said...

It's Doxey!

doug said...

this looks rad. why is it that you're coming back to new york again?

also, on a personal note, i lost my coat at a club in DC and my hat on NYE. i totally commiserate. fucking animals out there.

Leti said...

Sorry Manjari! Fixed.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!! I love this write-up Leti! Though am super bummed that some shiester nabbed your coat. It sucks so hard when you go out and have a fun time and someone spoils it in the end :((( Anyhow... I 'll be on the lookout for ya! xxoo-md

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

def could not have handled that the other night! with the way i was feelin, i think i might have just lay on the floor and let people trample me! was so tired!

sorry someone stole your coat. that happened to me when i first moved to nyc at this shitty irish bar that i worked at. i like to give people the benefit of the doubt that they thought it was there's, but you can never be sure...

see you on the east side soon!