28 January 2009

Family Pride: Rossi Antiques

Guess who is in Ye Olde Timey San Francisco Chronicle today? Yes that is right my dad, Luigi!
Check out the article about our family business Rossi Antiques by Nancy Davis Kho: Luis Rossi runs Old World workshop in Bayview
Luis Rossi displays the side of a Sicilian vegetable cart made in the 18th century. Rossi and his staff build and restore antiques in their San Francisco studio.Gabriel Aguilar cleans the gilding on a restored mirror that is among the antiques being worked on at Luis Rossi's studio.Raul Osegera works on a Frascaiti chair in the spray booth at Luis Rossi Antiques in San Francisco's Bayview district, where the staff specializes in restoring Old World pieces.Raul Monrox fits a 17th century mantelpiece that is being restored at Luis Rossi Antiques in San Francisco.Phillip Ng, restores the painting on this piece by using Raze Chinosseri.Phillip Ng restores paint on this antique piece. He is among the 43 workers at Luis Rossi Antiques. Saul Valera works on a reproduction of a mirror in the huge space of Luis Rossi Antiques in San Francisco, which builds and restores furniture, including rare 18 century pieces.

Does it look like a crafty child's wonderland? Believe me it is. Imagine writing your name in the half an inch saw dust coating on everything, hiding in 17th century armoires and wading through a hot tub sized box of Styrofoam peanuts, not to mention GOLD LEAFING, Liberace's lawn furniture, ancient electroshock machines, Ann Getty's Sailor's Valentines* and many other creepy awesome old things. I will start arranging paid tours next time I am back in San Francisco.

*Sailor's Valentine Post coming soon.


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