26 January 2009


How about those Ryan McGinley Images for the New York Times Magazine article on female desire. HOT!
What Do Women Want? Apparently we kinda have no idea, but it has something to do with being desired, and controversial rape fantasies come into play.
“Really,” she said, “women’s desire is not relational, it’s narcissistic” — it is dominated by the yearnings of “self-love,” by the wish to be the object of erotic admiration and sexual need. Still on the subject of narcissism, she talked about research indicating that, in comparison with men, women’s erotic fantasies center less on giving pleasure and more on getting it. “When it comes to desire,” she added, “women may be far less relational than men.”
Just tell us we are pretty!
In related news the Valentine's Day decorations have gone up all over my neighborhood. Pix soon. (I know it's not even February)

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