18 February 2009

Glenview Griffins

Okay, so sometimes when I am really, really bored I like to search for arbitrary things on Flickr. Sometimes it's "San Francisco 1970s" or "Peace Sign". Yesterday I decided to punch in "Oakland" and "Glenview" (the name of my elementary school). Imagine my surprise when I found these photos from 1989!
Uh, yeah that is me.  Bangs intact. My "best friend" Erika Delacruz is suppling the bunny ears. The girl grabbing me was named Josie.
There is Josie again, check out Erika's acid wash and Reeboks. Tetherball is happening in the background.
There goes Erika with the bunny ears again, as for these booty poses I cannot comment.  This was Oakland in the late 80s. The boy's name was Rashad.
That guy's name was Carl. I cannot believe I remember this stuff.
I still wore one of those Glenview Griffins sweatshirts until recently. 

that girl looks vaguely familiar, that is totally a Oakland Public Schools classroom.

It seems this kid took the photos. I guess his name is Glenn. I don't really recognize him which is weird because I have a great memory.
He seems pretty awesome though. I stole all these images from his Flickr: Black Glenn


justbrad said...

WOW, that must of been so surreal to find photos of yourself back in elementary school floating around on the internt randomly. Especially when film was that main format back when you were growing up. (it was for me too, so don't feel 'too' old) :)

Leti said...

right!?!? it was so crazy. I wish everyone would scan their old photos.

Jewish Rosaries Blog said...

i bet that blond boy with the wolf sweatshirt is hot now

Anonymous said...

Leti, I hope we weer'nt being to rough. I enjoyed seeing these pics of us. Look like fun times.

Anonymous said...

Just found this today..I went to Glenview 75/81 and my mom was the president of the PTA.She helped make the sweatshirt design and we all painted that horrible mural when I was in 3rd grade,"same year Star Wars came out...I just read that they are rebuilding Glenview..I can't imagine it without the art deco...When you went there did they still have the big slide out front??I was there when they built that too..Thanks for the memory lane trip...