22 December 2008

The world is a vampire...

I finally got to see Låt den rätte komma in aka Let the Right One In aka "the Swedish vampire movie" last night.
David Black's post about it made is seem like the sweetest movie ever and Starlee Kine won't stop talking about it to anyone who will listen, so I was very excited.
I went with Nelson my 18 year-old brother and Mariana my 13 year-old sister who apparently is on team Edward in regards to that whole Twilight universe that I refuse to know anything about. They seemed to like it despite the subtitles and bleak Swedish landscape. My sister is actually friends with a little boy that looks a lot like Oskar, the boy from the film and she is not entirely dissimilar from Eli that vampire herself. I hope to find pictures to prove this but may not be willing to risk the embarrassment of a minor on the world wide web. UPDATE: I am going to do it anyway, these photos are from 2003 but you get the idea.The best part is when the old man says "Please don't see that boy tonight" and then Eli touches his face. Kills me. This led me to some research on codependency and vampires because I think codependent is a word that gets misused and thrown around too much and often used when words like dependence, interdependence, and symbiosis might be more accurate. I think I figure it out thanks to this. It somehow always leads back to AA for me.

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