10 December 2008

Trouble The Water

Trouble the Water is pretty amazing. It features super guerrilla-style video footage of Hurricane Katrina shot by Kim Roberts aka Kold Medina and her husband Scott. Though the documentary features at times semi-graphic footage of tragic events it wasn't presented in a particularly manipulative or exploitative way. I didn't even cry, and I cry at everything. I mean I cried reading the reviews of Trouble the Water, but I managed to keep it together through the film. Read Manohla Dargis review.
Politics are kept to a minimum.This two are my idols. Kim is a rapper and has a song about how when she used to hustle she cut this dude's face but then later she ran into him again and they made up and got married and are awesome.
Buy Kold Medina's album from Born Hustler Records.

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