24 December 2008

High School Fashion 1969

I was doing a little perusing of the Life Archives again today and I happened to punch "high school' into the old yellin' horn and what emerged but these bonkerstown photos taken by someone named Arthur Schatz in 1969. I mean... Is this for realsies? I can't tell if this was an editorial or just candids he shot at some sunny high school. What school is this? It looks like whatever the school was in Clueless. I need ANSWERS people! The interweb is no help.
Band Practice?Next levs tights situationDo you die?I. DIE.I live for her.Not a model?Model?the hair!She is doing my Paper Moon dance.
did people really dress like this for school?
um LEG BAND ?!?!?!
Is that a real Archie style jalopy in the background?Is Arthur spying on these young lovers?did I mention the hair?


justbrad said...

those kids are dressed way to be good to be true; for any era.. definitely puts my highschool memories to shame. but i'm sure million others as well. also, why are they all so happy? i never looked that happy in a sean john or aeropostale sweater; ever. but then again...

not keren said...

woah. all of these. woah.

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