27 October 2008

Public Service Announcement

Did you that markruffalo.net is an excellent source for super hot screen captures of, um... MARK RUFFALO.

Do you die? I die. You Can Count On Me will always be the best.
who doesn't love a bad boy? (But really it's cuz he punched his deadbeat dad brother -in-law obvs)He looks sorta retarded here and I like it.
they get way p0rnier than this one but I decided to keep is SFW
I kinda love the flava-sava in xx/xyoops bad boy again.
Making love to a dying woman, then reading to her from a book in My Life Without Me.I know what you are thinking. "Is that Nate Turbow?" nope Mark Ruffalo in
In the Cut.

I am seriously considering starting some sort of sexy meme involving ruffalo pics. Captions plz!!

1 comment:

keren richter said...

i know who this was inspired by!!!!
also, find out that dude's name so i can e-stalk. even if i'm taken, a girl can oggle the menz