23 October 2008

Congratulations Starlee Kine

How adorable is that picture. My little Starlee Kine won the Gold Prize at this year's Third Coast International Audio Festival which apparently is like the Oscars of radio. She won for her now infamous This American Life story Dr. Phil. Seriously though that picture looks like its from a fifth grade graduation, like they are about to bust into "The Greatest Love of All."
Listen to it here: Breakup
The story for those of you who don't know involves her calling Phil Collins to ask for help with writing a breakup song. Yeah pretty much the best thing ever.

Her friend Josh hosted a party for her last night at this epic loft in Soho complete with babaganoush and nowandlaters. Unfortunately I had no camera but I may be able to salvage some of the camera phone pics I took.
Also, look what I found while trying to find a larger image of the photo above.
I'm dead. Starlee you killed it. SHUT IT DOWN.

ps. I think Peggy Wang East was wearing that exact outfit the other day, just sayin'

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