17 October 2008

Bitch School

I'm going to a 'come as your favorite bitch' party tonight. I totally would go as my girl Lizzie Wurtzel if that didn't require going topless. When I was a freshman in college my roommate and I took the bus from Santa Cruz to Capitola to see her on her Bitch book tour. She was wearing a purple suede leather jacket with fringe. This was 1997 and such things were not at all in fashion, not even ironically. There were all these old people there who for some reason thought Wurtzel should have the answer to all the world's gender trouble. Good timez.
The emphasis of this party seems mostly on teen shows but I think my favorite bitch of all time would have to be
Kate Beckinsale's Charlotte Pingress in The Last Days of Disco.

That dress is so epic, I am totally gonna cruise by Beacon's Closet on the way home and see if they have that in my size.
Other options I would consider if they didn't require fancy wigs:
Taylor Jacobsen aka Tay' from The Rachel Zoe Project.
Rashida Jones as Karen on Freaks and Geeks.
And maybe the best toxic best friend of all time. Anna Friel as Marina in Me Without You.

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