24 October 2008

Cubical Funtimes

I can't even begin to explain the about of ridiculousness that happens in my cubicle during any given week. Sometimes I worry that if that I will die in an avalanche of stuff. (Did you see Help! I'm a Horder on TLC?) At least I don't have to worry about earthquakes in NYC.
Here is an attempt to document some of the objets that I am blessed to coexist peacefully with. I wonder if I will ever grow to hate stuff. I think my relationship with stuff is still going pretty strong. I mean I love stuff, cute stuff in particular, creepy stuff, weird stuff, but I don't know sometimes it can be too much.
Fiber OpticsFaux Damien Hirst by Pottery Barn
Weird little sun that came with some vitamins that are supposed to help S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

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