28 May 2008


Erin Fant came in to town and Starlee and I met up with her and went to Marlow and Sons for a variety of late night snacks including crostini, a radish plate, wine, a tortilla española, some soppressata, rhubarb pie with ice cream and a caramel and chocolate tarte with fluer de sel.

Okay so a radish plate consists of a bunch of radishes cut in half, a huge wedge of salted butter, and a couple slices of bread. We had a realization after chomping on our first radish slathered in butter (seriously, why is this a thing?) that we had been drawn to order the radish plate because a deep-seated memory of a certain Faerie Tale Theatre episode we had seen as children. A woman (Shelley Duvall pregnant with Rapunzel) develops an intense craving for radishes and has her husband sneak into her neighbor's (a witch obvs) yard to steal them. The sound of the woman crunching into these radishes seriously made them seem like the most delicious thing ever. Erin and I both had stories about getting our parents to buy us radishes and then feeling totally let down when they tasted like weird spicy yet bland carrots to our child's palate. I think Starlee had never had a radish ever and had been holding on to this nagging craving since girlhood. It was pretty amazing to end up eating a radish plate with two other girls who shared the same frustrated radish craving based on a Shelly Duvall show.

Anyway I looked it up and here is the key scene:

The psycho radish nightmare is pretty amazing:

You should go ahead and check out the rest of the episode, there is a pretty 'adult' joke about a cucumber in the first 5 minutes and I can only imagine there are some other gems that might have been lost on us as children.


Margarita said...

I remember that fondly! I think that's Jeff Bridges as the husband.

Jesse said...

Why, indeed, is this a thing?

Anonymous said...











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