09 May 2008

Latina Magazine

I used to read Latina magazine back in 1997-9 when was a bright eyed feminista intent on reclaiming all things girly for the movimento. I really wanted to support it but I just couldn't get into it. Too many cliches, no distinct voice, bad fashion.
But things have changed, it seems they recently hired an entirely new creative staff and are going in a new direction visually. They enlisted my friend David Black to shoot this awesome road trip story.
During my afternoon snack expedition I went to the bodega and picked up my own copy. It's definitely looking a lot more hip these days. Here are some more spreads from the road trip story.

This is pretty cute:
Although the blond model is kind of a let down. They no longer translate the articles into Spanish but they still have ads in Spanish which is a little weird.
As far as things you wouldn't see in a magazine targeted at non-Latinos there were a few cool things.
This "raid her closet" feature on Denisse Guerrero of this Mexican electropop band Belanova:

They have a cute video but they won't let me embed.
There are some other stories that are kind of interesting, "What's in your make-up bag?" beauty story with Paula Garcés the hot girl from Harold and Kumar, an interview with Sergio Rossi shoe designer Edmundo Castillo but the Mexico City street style spread was pretty disappointing, I know there are much more stylish kids in Deh.Effeh. Diego Luna interview about Mr.Lonely Boy, hot. The interview with with Melina Matsoukas a young music video director is cool. Three empanada recipes, one tradish, one healthy, and one fast= pretty rad. A story about terrorism and FARC in Columbia is interesting and reminds me of the great political journalism that used to be in Jane (like how they broke the femicide in Cuidad Juarez Story). Last but not least there is a travel story on Cusco, Peru. with a really cute alpaca.