06 May 2008

Currently Obsessed: Alpacas/Llamas

I was obsessed with alpacas and llamas all winter. It's those long lashes that make them look like they are flirting with you that kill me. Apparently llamas are the big ones and alpacas are much softer. We were considering getting one and keeping it in the back yard, I would shave it and spin it into yarn and make the most exclusive local Brooklyn knits and sell them at Barneys for a million dollars.
Instead I bought some Misti baby alpaca yarn and made the softest scarves for Keren (purple), Michael (black) and myself (grey). (I have to find pics)
I went to a birthday party at Cheri from Scout's Holiday's apartment, which was sort of a wonderland of cute stuff: original artwork, Scout the dog, ruffled shower curtain, a heart shaped cake with California cut out of it, a more extensive collection of novelty tape than my own, a pedal operated bathroom sink, doilies hanging and adorable Cheri wearing an awesome Mayle dress with a sweatshirt over it.
Also they had this super cute llama.
It seems Kime from Moldy Doily has a sister with an alpaca farm in Ohio. So jealous!

I wanted this gold llama pendant from ebay but alas I was outbid.
I did get this llama cardigan.
Check out the close up.
Apparently this girl will make you a hand-painted portrait with a llama for $100, and $20 of it goes towards a llama share. I am seriously considering it.
And of course who could forget:

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