06 November 2008

Sasha Obama: The First Family Ham

Kind of my new favorite person.
I have always had a soft spot for girls who embody the pure essence of girlhood in a spunky way. ( I've expounded at length on Abigail Breslen.) Malia is adorably serious and dignified at 10 years-old, but seven year-old Sasha kills it with her chutzpah.

UPDATE: I live for her.
Sasha meets The Boss
Bumper Carz!
Blowing Kisses


Oli said...

Hands off, she's mine =D

Anonymous said...

Congrats Sasha and Malia!

Enjoy this song "Little Girl" by E. Walter Smith as a dedication to you and your father!


Anonymous said...

Since you're the only blog to refer to Sasha as a 'ham', you're kinda MY new favorite.