20 November 2008

Elizabeth Peyton at The New Museum

The late addition to Live Forever Elizabeth Peyton's show at The New Museum.
When I was younger I had this J.D. Salinger quote on my wall that I had cut out from somewhere. "Some of my best friends are children. In fact, all of my best friends are children."
After I read At Home in the World Joyce Maynard's account of her bizarre relationship with Salinger as a young girl I started to feel kinda creepy about it. But lately, with all the posts I have been writing about kids it seems fitting again.

And just cuz....
p.s. I went to see her read on campus at UC Santa Cruz when the book came out and she signed my copy and drew a cute stick figure girl. I wish I could scan it.
p.p.s What was up with me going to see weird women authors read in the 90s.


Joanna Goddard said...

that cover of the NYT magazine is so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Joyce Maynard is the best