04 November 2008

Do the right thing America

See more Natalie Portman videos at Funny or Die

Rashida Jones is another major girl crush of mine. (The ladiez of The Office are the best what can I say.) Lets just quickly recap her awesomeness. In no particular order: Harvard Grad, Freaks and Geeks, friends with Tupac, oh yeah Thriller, Off the Wall, Bad her dad had a bit to do with that, has made out with Jim from The Office, was engaged to Mark Ronson, does a little writing for the Teen Vogue and also insanely gorg. (Natalie Portman always sorta bugged but I dunno she may have redeemed.) Um yeah and here she is with her mom.

I wish I could vote today. Being disenfranchised has never hit so hard. I hereby promise on this blog to become a U.S. Citizen by the time it is time for the next election in 2012, proms guys I swear.

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melaniebee said...

Let us not forget that her mom was on TWIN PEAKZ, therefore adding to her awesomeness through nepotism or something. Does that makes sense?