17 June 2008

Spaced Out: Radical Environments of the Psychedelic Sixties

I wrote a review of this Alistair Gordon's book about crash pads and crazy hippie dwellings for Cool Hunting. Click here to read it.

Keren and I went to the release party at Ramscale this insane penthouse on the West Side Highway. It had the feel of being at a California graduation party, with proud old hippies mingling happily with the younger generation.

I nearly died when Keren presented me with one of these peace sign cookies. They are made by Flour Power Bakery in Livingston Springs. I doubt they deliver, so I might have to make the trek to wherever that is to get more.

Oakley Munson of The Rondelles and The Witnesses fame played and of course I heard more than one of the older guest murmur something about Bob Dylan. He played some Velvet Underground for the old folks and then his band Puddintang! played and the old hippies danced. We didn't get a photo but we did get the cute mini-groupies.
The bathroom. You can't see the huge spa tub with a crazy view of the river but trust me it was epic. Also you can't tell but I was talking on the telephone that was conveniently installed there.

Is that Julian Schnabels Palazzo Chupi I spied from the window? I think the unit that Bono and Maddona rejected is still on the market.

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