04 June 2008

Punch it in Michelle and Barack

I'm sorry but this is cute...
All politics aside you have to admit, these two are fucking cool. Love the fuschia Michelle. Maybe the future is now. Maybe we can live in a Sorkin utopia.
It's feeling all the time, more and more like:

If you haven't been following the comparisons of Matt Santos and Barack Obama you can check them out here.

Also I'm sorta loving Reggie Love. The real Charlie Young? A girl can dream.


Anonymous said...

Just what we need...a 1st lady who punches it in with her husband...it is just as bad as a President who chest bumps a graduate of the Air Force Academy. The idea of this type of behavior from the possible leader of the free world and his wife is embarrassing. This isn't a pick up game at the Y, it is the face of our nation!

Anonymous said...

From one "anonymous" to another (see above comment) - It's time for you to wake up and take a good look around. This is not 1952. We, the people, demand the leadership of REAL PEOPLE for a change. We're sick to death of grey, humorless, cardboard leaders who care nothing for each other or the people they represent. If it comes down to a choice between the usual Machiavellian drones or an actual human being (who happens to actually LOVE his wife - who'dathunkit?), I'll take the second choice every single time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can put a BBQ grill on the South lawn and have a kegger when the British PM comes for a visit! The office of the President of the United States is the most powerful office in the world. We have just spent the last 7 years dealing with an imbecile in the White House. What we need is for the next person to inhabit the building to bring back some class, decorum and honor to the place. We don't need fist bumping, high fiving or any other sign that the Obama's are hip! Leave all that to their supporters, and act like you know where you are going and what is expected of you!

Anonymous said...

They're just like TV! Dy-no-mite!!!

Anonymous said...











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