19 June 2008

Currently Obsessed: American Girl Kit Kittredge

I know I'm a dork but I totally want to see Kit Kittredge: An American Girl.

Little Miss Sunshine was on cable the other day and it solidified my intense girl crush on Abigail Breslin. For some reason she just makes me wish I could be a little girl again and be best friends with her. I remember a few months ago Jezebel posted a photo of her in a normal jeans and t-shirt outfit with the caption "Dear Abigail Breslin: Don't Ever Change" and I was like YES!
Remember when she presented at the Oscars with Will Smith's son when he messed up and she totally saved him. She is just the best. I know White Lightening agrees.

She is just everything that is awesome about being a little girl with out any of the grossness that makes Bratz dolls a thing that exist. Please, please don't let her turn into Tatum O'Neil, or LiLo. I mean don't get me wrong I LOVE Tatum but she has been through the ringer.

So the Kit Kittredge movie has brought up a lot of American Girl nostalgia for me.
Personally, I was a Samantha girl (the Victorian girl with brown hair and bangs, big surprise). I never had any of the outfits or accessories but I remember pouring over the catalog swooning over the accessories and the little fake food for her birthday party.

Her school stuff!
Birthday party stuff

Her lunch.
My sister was a Molly girl. Molly was from 1944.

The school stuff gets me every time.
I have a weakness for fake food.
Now for those of you that might not understand an American girl doll are around 2 feet tall which means all this stuff is like 10 times bigger than any of Barbie's stuff. By some weird loophole in laws of cute this stuff, although way bigger than Barbies stuff the American Girl stuff is somehow a million times cuter. Don't ask me to explain because there are super complicated equations involved.
We need a 10 hour mini-series about the making of the American Girl dolls from the first spark of an idea to how they designed and styled the fake food and notebook. I would Tivo that for sure.

There are a bunch of new dolls that didn't exist when I was a girl that I am drooling over. A seventies girl from San Francisco, a Mexican girl named Josefina, and a Nez Perce girl growing up in 1764, she has a teepee and everything.


fanties said...

I was a Molly! She was my "last doll" before I became a grown up (turned 10 and couldn't get away with playing with dolls) and I was very diligent with her upkeep. Her hair stayed in braids and her glasses stayed on. In her book she was a hula girl for Halloween and had to wear a black turtleneck under her costume. She thought she looked very glamorous and I'd agree. I still have her stored at my parents' house. Every accessory is still there tucked neatly in a little suitcase.

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