13 November 2009

Embarrassing Crush: 90s Backpacker

I've been Indulging in the dorkiest fantasies of fleece wearing 90s backpacker types lately. (Sans Dave Matthews and Positive Hip Hop). Not sure where this is coming from, I guess I'm trying to reclaim my lost youth, you can take the girl out of UC Santa Cruz but you can't take the UC Santa Cruz out of the girl. All the fleece I eschewed in college has become oddly sexy to me with the passage of time.

The first sparks started when Urban Outfitters did their collaboration with Patagonia (via ACL). I wasn't ready to embrace it yet but I really wish I had scooped up one of these puppies.
Recent ebay searches:

I mean, don't get me wrong, 70s backpackers are still the all time hottest.

Plus I am totally feeling the Jansport Heritage Series.

I mean it all started innocently enough but lately I've been finding myself following around guys with elaborate backpacks around Duane Reade and trying to make eye contact with guys wearing Patagonia on the subway. I think the only way to snap out of it will be an emergency rental of Into the Wild.
I admit to never reading the book but from descriptions of it I always thought of Christopher McCandless as the ultimate entitled douche with daddy issues that I would have met in college. Effe Society bro.

I mean remember the whole part about how he refused to bring a map! And he could have survived if he had just let people help him.
That being said, lets be honest. I probably would have hit that. (Also I will probably enjoy the Eddie Vedder soundtrack , who are we kidding.)


Manjari said...

FREAK. I love it.

Ariel said...

LOL! i probably would have hit that too.

sally said...

i read the book ... he died because he ate the wrong part of a plant, and then only because the guide book to edible plants that he had in his possession didn't specify which part was edible, so it wasn't really his fault at all. After he ate it, the effect was that he couldn't digest any further food, so he actually died of starvation, despite successfully foraging and killing squirrels and stuff ...