06 May 2009

Sylvia Plath's Copy of The Great Gatsby

I'm aware that it is not uncommon for people of my generation to not have outgrown their high school interests, but oh what I wouldn't do for a time machine to transport me to Leti circa junior year of high school and show her these pages from Sylvia Plath's copy of The Great Gatsby.
via fuck yeah sylvia plathI had this photo on my wall in college. It always reminds me of a boy I had a disastrously self destructive crush on throughout the end of high school and most of college. I remember him scrambling out of my room the morning after one of our few encounters and stopping suddenly to ask me who that photo was of. I replayed that moment again and again dissecting it for 'meaning'. Uggh maybe I haven't changed at all. He also told me he was a virgin. He had the same name as an old folk singer who became very popular among during the last decade among people 'in the know' about these things and is thus ungoogleable.
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