14 May 2009


Have you heard? Cake is back, cupcakes are over. I think about cake a lot lately, maybe because I work in an office. Office life really is like that episode of Seinfeld where it is always somebody's birthday, and though you dread the forced socializing you come to depend on the 4pm sugar rush.
I've long been obsessed with the fact that kids don't really like cake. At birthday parties it seems like the parents are always so excited about the cake and making a huge deal about it and interrupting the kids who are having fun to corral them to the cake and then the kids never seem that into it. ADULTS on the other hand, adults love cake. I know, I'm around them all day. I was in a 99 cent store the other day and I saw this little girl and her mom who appeared to be shopping for plates and stuff for a party. From a distance I heard the little girl say "I don't think that many people are going to eat cake."
Melanie with a her Tattoo cake

Tommy Thornhill

I want to be the girl with the most cake, from Debaser.
oh eddie... I love this quote from
Cute Boys!!!:
"They are mean and will judge me and make me eat cake because at least cake will kiss me on the mouth."
not sure what to say about this one
Holly Coley with Sarah Records Cake
Nylon Magazine Chloe cake

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melaniebee said...

um, how could you forget this masterpiece??


Holly Coley said...

Dude i look terrible in that photo!