20 March 2008

Sandwiches and Stuff

Even though sandwiches are generally kind of boring and I associate them with all these tedious things like midtown lunch breaks and elementary school, people sure do get pretty passionate about them. There is the whole Stuff White People Like entry on Expensive Sandwiches, and then there was Joey on Friends and that amazing sandwich that Adam Sandler made in Spanglish. Also Spanglish is totally a good movie especially if you are interested in issues of immigration and transculturation or bonkers hot Spanish actresses like Paz Vega.

During one of the brief periods that I had cable I managed to catch this PBS documentary called Sandwiches That You Will Like. They went all across the country to these sandwich places that are known for having the best of whatever their regional sandwich is Muffeletta, Pastrami, Loose Meat, etc. They go to those two cheesesteak places in Philly that are across the street from each other and have this intense long standing rivalry. I went to Philly a month ago and we didnt know which one to chose but we decided on Pat's because Geno's
Okay I won't go into a political diatribe about immigrant rights, mostly because the cheesesteak at Pat's wasn't even good. I realize that I made a huge mistake in that I ordered it with Provolone instead of Whiz but still, and also it had gross canned mushrooms.

Anyway Sandwiches, so lately I've been seeing some crazy sandwiches. I saw this one at the cafe at Target in Serramonte (Daly City, CA). I love it because it is such a bizarre thing for someone to have devoted that kind of effort to, making a PB&J for people who can't decide between white bread and whole wheat.
had a bunch of racist signs about how you need to order in English and how we should thank the Marines for the fact that we know English. Look at that sign, seriously "(1) per customer".
Also check out this little cutie I got a Dean and Deluca. Such a perfect little snack. It was pretty good, turkey with cheese, lettuce, tomato and everything. But of seeing as how it was from D&D and I do seem to operate as a white person most of the time it was pretty expensive ($3.50).