25 March 2008

Bus Tickets

Designer Aleksey Belyalov has an amazing collection of bus tickets from Argentina on his blog. They are pretty rad, some of the ones above have literary quotes from, or sayings on them. If you've ever met any one from Argentina you've no doubt heard we're a pretty literate bunch. Just sayin'. There is a whole history of the tickets on the BusArg site.
This led to me thinking about whether there was a site like this for SF Muni Fast Passes. If you've never seen them, Fast Passes are pretty amazing. There is a new pass each month and since they always need to be pretty different you end up with some pretty crazy color schemes. People save their Fast Passes like collector's items, a friend of mine has all of her youth passes since elementary school when they used to have seasonal characters like little snowmen and stuff. A few years ago I saw this flyer asking for old Fast Passes for an art project, but I wasn't willing to give mine up.
I googled it today and I happened to find an article about the artist John Kuzich who needed the Fast Passes and oddly it was written today. SYNERGY! Apparently he still needs Fast Passes.

You know what else has cool design, those tickets they give (gave) you at Coney Island for the the rides. If anyone finds scans of those let me know.

p.s. I found one on flickr

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