04 October 2009

We hate it when our friends become successful (total j/k!)

Good photos by Jake Forney via Brooklyn Vegan, Crap photos by yours truly.
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at Webster Hall on October 3rd.

Who says Indie Pop fans aren't babes? p.s. Shirley Braha started a Party A Day Blog, and our makeshift Pains afterparty at Daddy's even made the cut.

um, how cute are Peggy Wang East's ripped heart shape tights worn avec skort.


sammich said...

not crap. those are ace pix.

E-BAD said...

I can has those stockings! Was supposed to go to that show... but got food poisoning instead! Like Doug Black, I'm putting you on my blogroll too. Cute and Cuter has been there for a while anyways.


Secret Shop said...

Do more posts!
I lovvvve your blog.


Leti said...

awwww. Thanks! I have drafts I will post asap!

Anonymous said...
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