05 August 2009

I miss you Russell Brand

So in typical 'Leti-come-lately' fashion I recently became obsessed with Russell Brand.  It started with his interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air followed in quick succession by his interview with Elvis Mitchell on The Treatment.  (I have always been upfront about being an NPR podcast nerd.) So I decided to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Jolly good it were. (As Russell would say).

I wanted to read his book, but I also have my pride so I decided to wait for paperback and then one day I found a paperback copy of My Booky Wook (Uncorrected Proof NOT FOR RESALE) sitting on the street by my house. Obviously, the cosmos were in alignment for me that day.  So I read it, and then I watched his DVD special and now I feel not only like I know Russell Brand all too well but sorta like we are good friends and I just wanna call him to go get some green tea. I guess I have to start reading his blog and following his Twitter now. 

His life story is pretty entertaining, but I mostly like his grandiloquent use of language and all the funny Britishisms.  That said dude does have some questionable taste.  He definitely should have vetoed the bright pink brocade on the cover art (although that could have just been my nonofficial version.  But I can forgive all that.  I mean if Morrissey and Jarvis Cocker get a long with this dude, I'm sure we would get on fine. (Jarvs is apparently writing song for the Sarah Marshall spin off film Get Him To The Greek).I like this hair
But this, not so much
It's cute that he is hanging out with Britney Spears and an elephant though.
this hair I do not like, but I do approve of the feathery necklace

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Suzy said...

i miss when he was a goth detective with noel fielding. mtv owns him now, booooo.