15 April 2009

Where were you in '92?

Daydreaming about Madonna and Vanilla Ice?This shirt from MadeMe Clothing led me to search for these images, some of which I had never seen on account of the fact that Madonna's book Sex cost $50 when it came out and was in a sealed package.Um, Hot. Vanilla Ice took the whole sexy douchebag thing to the new heights.
Via Plus Joe


melaniebee said...

love than yin yang scorpion tattoo.

justbrad said...

these are soo good.. i think i need that shirt too btw, could you pass the link on to me e-friend.

Leti said...

Oops I just updated the url for the shirt. It's from MadeMe you can find stockists on their site.


laurakitty said...

God, she looks so hot!