03 March 2009

Nook Inspiration

So the signature feature of the bedroom that I moved into last November when I began my single leti 3.0 phase is the little nook where I keep my bed. It's my favorite hideaway these days but it is still a work in progress.  I wanted it to be a sort of cozy, hippie, harem-inspired,  Moroccan influenced, Indian block-printed, pillow-laden, teepee, love fort type thing. Here are some examples of my inspiration, I will post photos of the nook soon. 


From film Performance Anita Pallenberg 1970


thehistoryofmyfuture said...

we wanted to do that in our little corner too, but then i was afraid it'd make our room look smaller! plus i like that you can see me quilt. i'm still on the fence about it, because it would block out the street lights from the BQE from coming into our room without forcing me to get ultra-oppressive black out curtains.

i def like the idea-- very anita pallenberg in her stones-hopping morroco/france romping daze.


rem said...

Oh, I love sleeping in enclosed spaces...looks dreamy.

fanties said...

That looks like a place where people smoke grass and chill out... no head trips... no hang ups... sweet Leti style...